About Us

Sarasota and Bradenton are ever changing diverse communities where people of different race, religions and different political beliefs have lived in harmony for numerous years. Muslims from all walks of life felt the need to give back to their community and show their unity with their fellow Americans. We want to illuminate some of the many beautiful Attributes of Allah- Compassion (Ar-Rahman), Merciful. (Ar-Rahim) and Generosity (Al-Kareem) to name a few and thus be a beacon of light in the dark climate that now prevails and surrounds Islam and Muslims We recognized the necessity for healthcare accessibility in our neighborhood and the idea of Universal Crescent Clinic was founded with the purpose of providing quality health care through American Board Certified Primary care and Specialty Physicians. Our aim is to provide healthcare to the people who are uninsured or cannot afford insurance regardless of their race, gender and religion free of charge.